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Keys are among the most frequently lost items. In fact, a survey of vehicle users indicated that over a quarter of them had lost their car keys at some point. One in twenty reported their keys being stolen. Either way, vehicle owners might end up facing serious consequences. What if your stolen key is used to access your vehicle? Also, have you considered the possibility of losing your car keys when you need to get somewhere urgently or have left your pet locked within? The extent to which the situation might worsen is only limited by your imagination. The only option you have left is procuring new car keys, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

New car keys are expensive:

In a bid to throw a challenge to car thieves, car manufacturers these days are producing advanced key systems that are incorporated with immobilizing and recognition technology. Intricately cut keys also make key duplication nearly impossible. This is why arranging a new set of keys for your car is not only time-consuming but also quite expensive.

For cost-effective key making: Choose Lenexa KS Locksmith Store

At Lenexa KS Locksmith Store, we’ve built quite a rapport with our customers in Lenexa, KS owing to our practice of putting their needs ahead of ours. We know how being without your car keys can put life on hold for most vehicle owners and also understand the magnitude of the implications it might lead up to. We’ve continually revised our practices and refined our techniques to make procuring new car keys a hassle-free and economical process.

Replacement for lost keys onsite:

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Getting replacements for car keys can be quite tough, simply because there are not many locksmiths who are up to the task. You can always get in touch with your car dealership, but are you really going to keep your car locked up in your garage for days until you get the new keys from them? At Lenexa KS Locksmith Store, we’ve got a state-of-the-art mobile fleet. All our service vans are stocked with the finest tools of the trade, a wide selection of key blanks, key cutters and more. Give our auto locksmith experts around 30 minutes, and they’ll get new car keys made onsite.

Stolen keys? Get locks changed

If your keys have been stolen, then the only way you can secure your vehicle again is by getting the locks changed. Lenexa KS Locksmith Store can replace your locks and provide a new car keys. You can also seek their expertise in bolstering vehicle security with advanced solutions.

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